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Glass to Glass® Reclamation Technology

Our Services


Receive Blade Waste (Tipping)

Receive bulk waste fiberglass composite (e.g. retired wind turbine blades, boat hulls, automotive panels)


Glass Fiber Reclamation 

Wind turbine blades are made from non-recyclable polymers strengthened by glass fibers. As a result, these structures are unfortunately relegated to landfills following retirement. This presents a major obstacle for wind energy to be truly sustainable. Our technology offers an attractive, facile method for responsibly re-using these materials at what normally would be their end of life. Glass to Glass can give these materials a chance to be reborn into sustainable, recyclable composites.


Pre-Sort and Shred Material 

Cutting and shredding for further reduction of blades to produce optimal pyrolysis feedstock.


Multi-Stage Pyrolysis

Multi-stage pyrolysis process to fully remove polymer, char, and other fillers from the glass fibers to restore fiber properties to virgin-like values.


Production of Composite Intermediates

Convert reclaimed glass fiber into desired polymer composites intermediates. This is then used to produce final composite products again.

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