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Advanced Materials &
Product Development

Ballistic Armor Solutions

Our materials know-how allows our partners to create the lightest and most advanced weight armor solutions for the ever-changing field needs for custom requests up to standard-issue commercial paneling designs.


Additive Manufacturing

Design, Prototype, and Consultation services for polymer, ceramic, and metal additive manufacturing systems.

Custom Thermoplastic and Thermoset Composite

Carbon Rivers prides itself in offering custom master-batching and compounding of thermoplastic composites. The more challenging, the better. 

We also provide modeling, design and prototyping of various composite processes (e.g. extrusion, gel-spinning, AM, resin infusion, woven/non-wovens, hand layup, compression, VARTM, etc.)


Multi-functional Polyelectrolyte Graphene Composite Coatings

Polymer coating, with active ingredient proven to be effective at killing common bacteria and viruses (e.g. coronavirus, Ebola, Staph, Legionella) on contact. Reducing pathogenic contamination with no environmentally damaging components.

Nuclear Industry Materials

Carbon Rivers' materials solutions can also be used for building and infrastructure materials on nuclear sites. 

Image by Lukáš Lehotský
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