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David Morgan

Chief Strategy Officer

David is the Chief Strategy Officer at Carbon Rivers. Primarily, he leads logistics and client relations in the glass reclamation and upcycle programs for the wind energy market. In addition, he liaisons with the automotive, aerospace, agricultural, construction, and marine industries to supply next generation glass fiber for a variety of applications. 


Having run a previous business, David engages public and private sector partners for contract acquisitions, investment groups, and business to business partnerships. Also, through his other business ventures David has experience in sourcing and procurement. He has traveled extensively and worked with many types of businesses so his role is essential for both US and international business development. David has led personnel and project management initiatives in manufacturing, academia, and small business environments. His contribution to Carbon Rivers is manifold and includes both running support for other team projects as well.


  • Manages logistics and client relations for glass fiber and recycling initiatives for the wind industry

  • Liaisons with public and private sector agencies and businesses for partnerships and contracts

  • Leads business and investment acquisitions to advance Carbon Rivers development and expansion

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