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Recycling Services

Ready to incorporate waste recycling into your business? Windfall stands ready to work with your business to assess your fiberglass composite waste material’s potential for recycling. Our process starts with basic information gathering on the nature of the waste to be recycled (e.g., form factor, relative glass and resin content, waste volumes) to assess suitability for our current recycling que. If your product or material makes sense for recycling, our team will work with you on logistics planning for transfer of material to one of our recycling facilities and can provide certification of acceptance for recycling upon receipt. For larger waste generators, we also offer the ability to segregate fiber recovered from your own materials and route them directly back to you for immediate reuse in your own manufacturing applications.

Upcycled Fiberglass Products

Interested in sourcing sustainable, recycled fiberglass into your composite products? Windfall’s recycled fiberglass can be readily used to manufacture a whole range of composite materials from nonwoven fabrics to thermoplastic compounded pellets and even additive manufacturing filament. In addition to our standard product offerings, our team can work
with you to customize fiber parameters, like length, to improve suitability for your desired application. We can also work with our extended network to directly provide recycled fiberglass nonwoven fabrics or compounded thermoplastic materials that meet your final product manufacturing needs.

Gold Liquid

Petrochemical &
Other Products

As part of our composites recycling work, Windfall also regularly produces a range of pyrolysis oils, mineral fillers (e.g., CaCO3), and other products (e.g., carbon black) captured during fiberglass recovery.
Interested parties are welcome to reach out to discuss their potential needs and product availability.

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