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Bowie Benson

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Bowie is the CEO and a founding member of Carbon Rivers.  In addition to his leadership role, Bowie manages the daily operations of 50+ Research and Development projects that include ballistic armor systems, aerogels, enhanced 3D printing materials and lightning strike abatement.


Bowie has more than a decade of experience in polymer manufacturing including the reliability of processing polymer composites, fast turnaround solutions, and sustainable materials. He has participated in several project collaborations with Department of Energy (DOE) partners and industry sponsors focused on sustainable material solutions for automotive applications and have led several product development projects that focused on novel materials solutions for aerospace and defense applications. He also holds the position of Principal and Founder of ACCR, which develops ballistic armor solutions.


Leading up to his career, Bowie worked with Oak Ridge National Laboratory where he was the project liaison for Recycled Composites initiative. He graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering.


  • Product and material development of new composite applications with reclaimed fibers to produce second life composites

  • Additive manufacturing of thermoset & thermoplastic from desktop-sized to large-area printers

  • Built and operated surface treatment of carbon fiber and glass fiber via ozone and plasma treatment

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