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Jedidiah Long

Founder & Chief Science Officer

Jedidiah is a materials engineer, founder, and Chief Technology Officer of Carbon Rivers LLC. During his academic career, he formulated polymer nanocomposites for automotive engine components and studied the effects of chemical compatibilization for 3d printing materials. He has participated in research teams focused on the production of carbon fiber precursors from sustainable sources as well as other novel biocomposites. His experience derives from compounding, characterizing and commercializing novel polymer composites. Jedidiah holds current positions at Y-12 National Security complex as an engineer and ACCR as Chief Science Officer. At Carbon Rivers LLC, his responsibilities include technology development and validation so that advanced materials may be brought outside of theory into reality by bridging the gaps between multiple technologies. By harnessing the building blocks of matter and fundamental theory, Jedidiah constructs the foundations for technology-focused business verticals for Carbon Rivers LLC.

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